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Palm Treo Antenna
Senega Logo Mobile Solutions Palm Treo
Palm Treo Keypad
Mobile Solutions
Solutions for Native OS, J2ME, Palm, and Symbian platforms. Senega delivers an end-to-end mobile enterprise solution. more>>

Flash on Mobile
Easy to use mobile multimedia experiences, delivering reach and impact to your communications. more>>
Flash on Mobile
J2EE Architecture and Application Development

Build and deploy robust, scalable, and extensible Internet architectures for transaction intensive, mission critical enterprise applications.
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Manufacturing Solutions
Product Development Outsourcing
Our experience on product development Product Development Outsourcingprocesses enable us to support our clients build efficient products or solutions with reduced development time and cost. more >>

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing SolutionsSenega’s Manufacturing Process Monitoring Solutions provides a wealth of “At a glance” information to control the processes, improve productivity & optimize utilization.
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