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Manufacturing Process Management

Senega Workflow and Execution keep track of production schedules, inventory availability, work in progress and a range of other operations management-related information flowing to and from the shop floor, to optimize materials availability, labor and shipping resources by tracking production units, components and subassemblies from the time the order was placed through delivery.

Decisions on the Shop Floor

Delivering minute-to-minute shop-floor information is vital now that the Internet is driving more of a build-to-order manufacturing model. As a result, companies that want to deliver on these modules need to have access to end-to-end decision-making information that drills down to the shop floor.

Senega Workflow and Execution


  • Viewing Workflow Instance Status
  • Changing Task Status and Assignment
  • Changing Task Permissions and Priority
  • Viewing User and Role Work lists
  • Display the workload status, showing the number of tasks categorized by status (pending, inactive, and completed) and user or role.
  • Compile raw data and perform statistical reports on workloads and execution times, according to users and roles.
  • Reporting on every element of shop floor data in multiple formats including the popular Adobe PDF format and Excel sheet
  • Real-time, online interactive validations
  • Web-based installation and automatic deployment through intranet
  • Secure, reliable 24x7 operations
  • Scalable to thousands of employees across multiple sites
  • Local or central deployment across multi site organization
  • Factory-wide communication with Banner Alerts

It's only by integrating a plant-floor system with the rest of the enterprise that companies are able to get the kind of holistic view that's needed to support a build-to-order model, as reflected by the growing trend among manufacturers to move to an Internet-enabled business that emphasizes low inventories, short cycle times and quick order execution.

Increasingly, there's a need for a high degree of real-time and near-real-time flow of information spanning plant-floor operations, order entry, planning and scheduling, CRM and financial operations. MESs are the vital missing link for tying plant-floor information with business management information provided by applications such as ERP and CRM.


  • Top levels of on-time and completed shipments
  • Easy and accurate decision-making based on real-time information
  • Continuous improvement
  • Maximized Supplier relationships
  • Increased business value with collaborative manufacturing
  • Focused technology approach
Case study

Industry - Textile/Apparels

As textile is an industry involving skilled laborers, costly machines, thousands of specifications and none alike products it was a challenge to cater this industry with our solutions which we succeeded.

  • Reduce order lead time
  • Manage critical delivery dates for a large number of high profile customers
  • Ensure management control at critical steps during manufacturing process
  • Quantify employee efforts
  • Identify and react to execution bottle necks
  • Reduce floor level and administrative level paper work
  • Increase productivity

Designed for manufacturing floors with complex labor reporting issues, Senega Workflow and Execution allows you to collect labor and status data with minimum Operator effort. As soon as user logs in the system the work scheduled by the work manager for him is displayed indicating priorities delivery schedules etc. When they finish, they record completed information with the click of the button minimizing possible human errors. All entries are rigorously validated to ensure accurate data. The system calculates elapsed time and efficiencies in real-time to provide Supervisors with immediate productivity information.

  • Total control over production floor
  • Increased productivity
  • Fast decision making
  • Reduced in process inventory
  • Reduction in order cycle time
  • Reduction in order processing cost
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Almost nil order-processing delays
  • Better production planning
  • Touch of a button order tracing from anywhere
  • Effective and Real time reporting practices
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