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Flexibility, expertise and skilled resources make Senega the ideal partner for companies preparing for the future. As a technology company we bring a keen ability to understand client requirements to every project. Our offices are fully staffed with experts experienced at conceptualizing, designing, developing, testing and implementing your requirements. And our project managers follow a fine-tuned methodology that assures you of a successful outcome. Our hiring philosophy is another critical part of our success.

Because all companies are different and have different needs our methodology includes a Transference of Knowledge phase that ensures a full understanding of the applications to be migrated. Our transition plans are tailored to the complexities of the systems we will be managing. And your transition team is assembled from senega’s pool of experts experienced with the technologies, languages and hardware involved in your project. Our standards are strict and will be adhered to throughout the process

Service level agreements are flexible and can be designed to meet your specific requirements.

For more information, please enquire at info@senega.in

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